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About us

The Bracelet is Our Masterpiece.

Hirsch Since 1765.

HIRSCH develops and manufactures the most advanced, the most detailed, and the finest bracelets in the world. HIRSCH bracelets are the most beautiful outfit for any watch and are eagerly sought-after accessories. In addition to durability, wearing comfort and appealing looks we bring the technical functionality of these smart companions of watches to perfection.

What began in 1945 with our company founder Hans Hirsch working meticulously on elaborate details at the kitchen table of his private home, has become an international success. Our brand is held in high regard as a partner of the Swiss watch industry but also enjoys an outstanding reputation under our own (family) name, both within the industry and among consumers.


HIRSCH Bracelets

The Most Beautiful Outfit For Any Watch! is the premier distributor of Hirsch brand watch straps and products in the United States. Our products are sourced directly from the manufacturer's factory, meaning always has the freshest inventory, widest variety of watch straps, and the newest styles in stock and ready to ship.

Hirsch bracelets are more than just watch straps. They “clothe” your watch, adding shape and colour to it. This makes each bracelet an effective stylistic tool that you can use to great effect to suit your mood, your outfit or a specific fashion. Our wide variety of modern and contemporary watch straps make the ideal destination when looking for the perfect accessory to compliment an outfit or specific fashion. 

With you can expect high quality Hirsch brand products at the lowest prices; accompanied by easy shopping, fast shipping, and helpful customer service.