Step 1: Carefully Remove The Back Panel Of Watch 

First you must identify the type of back panel that your watch has. There are a few different types of back panels on watches, some needing tools to open while others can be done by hand. The common types of back panels for watches are listed below.


Screw-Down Back

A screw-down watch can be identified by its threaded case back. This type of case offers threads that allow a tight, and sometimes waterproof seal. Depending on the manufacturer of the watch, the look of and the tools needed to open the back panel may differ.  

Snap-On Back

Many earlier watches as well as some newer ones utilize a simple snap-on back. This type of back panel is held in place with pressure. Usually to open these types of case backs, a flat tool must be used to carefully pry it off.

Screw-On Back

A screw-on back is simply a back panel that is held in place by retention screws. Simply use the correct size and shaped screwdriver to remove this type of back panel..


A bayonet case back is attached by screws similarly to a screw-on back. The main difference is that bayonet systems allow for consistent and equal pressure on all points of the back panel. This type of back panel can also be removed by using the correct type of screwdriver. 

Step 2: Remove The Back Gasket 

Now that you have removed the back panel of your watch you can begin to see its inner workings. The next step in changing your watch battery, involves removing the rubber gasket (if your watch has one). The gasket is basically the rubber spacer in between the case back and the inside of the watch. The gasket helps with keeping a seal to keep foreign particles out as well as maintains correct pressure when the watch is closed. To remove the gasket simply use a flat tool to gently lift it up and out of your watch. Be careful to not use too much force as rubber may tear or rip.


Step 3: Remove The Old Watch Battery 

After removing the gasket, you should now be able to see the watch battery. Take a note of how it is placed inside the watch as you will want to reinsert the new battery the same way to ensure proper functionality. Also take note of the make and model of the battery to ensure that you are replacing it with the correct battery. Using the incorrect battery in a watch can result in inaccurate timekeeping, low service life, or the watch not working at all. 

If there are tabs holding the battery in place, use a tool to gently lift them up and free the battery. Once the battery is out, it is a good idea to lightly wipe off the connection points in the watch with a small cloth or qutip to ensure clean connection points that allow for optimal energy transfer. If you are having trouble removing the battery, try to use small tweezers to carefully pull it out. 


Step 4: Insert The New & Fresh Battery 

Now that the old watch battery is removed you can insert the new battery. Refer to your notes on how the old battery was placed into the watch and carefully reinsert it in the same manner. If you are having trouble doing so by hand, you can utilize tweezers to place the battery precisely. After the new battery has been inserted, reset any tabs or other holders to ensure the battery is held securely in place. 


Step 5: Ensure Your Watch Is Working

Now that the new battery is in the watch, it is good practice to check your work. To do so, simply flip the watch over and inspect it to see if it is working. If the watch is not moving, you may have inserted the battery incorrectly, have a defective battery, or have a damaged watch. If after a few tries with different placement and different batteries the watch continues not to work, it may be a good idea to take the watch to a professional jeweler for further inspection. 

If the watch is working, you can go ahead and reassemble it. 


Step 6: Putting The Watch Back Together 


Reinsert The Back Gasket 

To reinsert the gasket, simply place it back in its place inside the timepiece. If it is not fitting into its correct placement use a tool to gently press it into place. 

Reattach The Back Panel 

Next, reattach the back panel of the watch. This step may be done by hand, or tools can be used if necessary. It is important to get a proper fit when reattaching the back panel, but one should take caution to not over tighten as threading can be stripped.


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