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Bracelet Sizes



The correct size (width and length)

Finding the right size for your bracelet is actually very simple.

It’s best if you already have a bracelet. Then all you need to do is measure its width and length with a ruler or tape measure.

If it is made of leather, you can often find the lug width on the leather lining (inside the bracelet).


Measuring the lug width of your bracelet

The lug width is the distance between the lugs of your watch case, i.e. the two metal parts that protrude from the watch and which keep the bracelet in place.

To determine this distance – i.e. the lug width – you can either measure the width of your existing bracelet at the end that is nearest to the watch or you can measure the width between the two lugs directly on the watch. We would recommend the second method, as any bracelets that have already been worn may vary somewhat, both in width and in length.

In our product list we have specified the lug width in millimeters. So when it says “18”, for example, this means that the lug width is 18 mm.


Measuring the length of your bracelet

A bracelet consists of two parts: the hole section (the section with the holes which tapers towards the end) and the buckle section (the section containing the fastening of the bracelet).


Option 1

Ideally, you already have a bracelet, and you can use the dimensions of its hole section and the buckle section. In our product list you will find both the individual dimensions of the hole and buckle sections and also the full length of the bracelet.

Option 2

If you do not have a suitable bracelet, start by measuring the circumference of your wrist using a tape measure. Next, add 30 mm to that figure and then deduct the diameter of your watch. This procedure ensures that your watch will sit properly on your wrist and that the bracelet will be securely and comfortably held in place within the retaining hoops.


… To suit my taste and style

We believe that any bracelet that you like is the right one for you. However, to make it easier for you to choose the right bracelet, we have divided our product range into 4 different categories, each with a different emphasis.


Essentials – our basic range.

Wearable classics in traditional craftsmanship and robust quality: this is the HIRSCH Essentials range.

As an Austrian family enterprise now in its ninth generation, we can offer you HIRSCH Essentials – high-quality bracelets made in a complex manufacturing process in Klagenfurt, Austria. One major element is the responsible procurement of the materials. With this basic HIRSCH range you always have the security of a clear product range, superb comfort and a focus on traditional values.


Sports – our Performance range

Our bracelets in the Sports (Performance) category are robust enough to cope with any sporting activity and indeed any unusual physical strain, depending on your lifestyle.
Technically perfect, extremely resilient and totally impervious to any form of moisture – those are the special features that characterize bracelets in this category. A wide range of innovative features have been implemented in this range, making each product look elegant and attractive. This means they are not only comfortable to wear, but they also excel in providing variety and flexibility.
Our unique Performance collection with its highly functional rubber core suggests adventure, spontaneity and single-mindedness.


Luxury – Haut de Gamme

Do you love the extraordinary, and are you only satisfied with the very best?.
If this is you, then you’ll find that our Haut de Gamme range is the perfect answer to your needs.
This selection of hand-picked leathers features the highest level of precision, craftsmanship and love of detail, so that each bracelet is of the highest possible quality.


Fashion – “Dress up your watch”

Is it important for you to keep pace with the times and to find your style?
If your answer is yes, then the bracelet that accompanies your watch should be a perfect accessory to your fashion statement. Moreover, it should be available in a large variety of fashionable colors.
This product range is a selection of contemporary must-have bracelets for fashionistas who take their cue from the latest international fashion trends.
Thanks to the innovative high-speed fastening, it’s a very quick job to change the bracelet. This leaves unlimited options for your creativity, making your bracelet a very personal stylistic statement.