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Design & Lifestyle

With the right bracelet, not only the watch, but the whole outfit is upgraded. You will be amazed how a new strap in a different color or material will instantly change the look of your watch. So why spend the same amount of money on a new watch when you can easily and, above all, replace the watch strap yourself. Whether it's a business meeting, a sporting challenge or a fashion statement: With our selection of bracelets made of leather, rubber or a combination of these, you can adapt the look of your watch to any occasion. There are no limits to your creativity. Regardless of whether it's a classic chronograph or a smart watch: each watch with a different strap immediately becomes a personal style object

Hirsch bracelets are more than just watch straps. They “clothe” your watch, adding shape and color to it. This makes each bracelet an effective stylistic tool that you can use to great effect to suit your mood, your outfit or a specific fashion. Our wide variety of modern and contemporary watch straps make the ideal destination when looking for the perfect accessory to compliment an outfit or specific fashion. With you can expect high quality Hirsch brand products at the lowest prices; accompanied by easy shopping, fast shipping, and helpful customer service.