Watches have never gone out of style with the super wealthy. With health and fitness on the mind, we have all gravitated back to the wristwatch. Here are 10 best watch pages to follow on IG, enjoy.

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A post shared by Rolex watches rolexaholics (@rolexaholics)


Simply put, this is a Rolex lover’s paradise. With multiple posts everyday, this very active account showcases and features beautiful and unique Rolex watches from a worldwide community. Whether you want to see some of the most extravagant timepieces around, or are looking to showcase your Rolex to a community of almost 1 million followers; this page is a must follow. The beautiful watches featured on this page will appeal to everyone from a novice watch enthusiast to the seasoned fine watch collector. @ROLEXAHOLICS can be reached by e-mail for promotional opportunities and will provide photo credits to those who chose to showcase their timepiece on their page.

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A post shared by Superwatchman (@superwatchman)


This page is very unique as it specializes in posts that identify the watches worn by popular celebrities and politicians. This extremely active page, makes multiple posts a day and has a long list of content for watch enthusiasts. @SUPERWATCHMAN posts all varieties and brands of watches on people ranging from actors and musicians to presidents and kings. This page is perfect for the watch enthusiast who wants to see which luxury watches are popular among celebrities, as well as for someone who is just interested in extravagant watches.

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A post shared by Apple Watch Lifestyle (@applewatchlifestyle)


An absolute must follow for any Apple watch and smartwatch enthusiast. @APPLEWATCHLIFESTYLE offers original content as well as community features of interesting and beautiful Apple Watch setups. They showcase variations of unique Apple watch straps, Apple watch accessories, and upcoming industry news. A blend of modern technology and luxury, this page is perfect for the tech-savvy watch enthusiast that appreciates the finer things in life.

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A post shared by TheLuxuryGeneration (@theluxurygeneration)


Specializes in the finest watches in the world, while inspiring and motivating it’s followers to strive for success. @THELUXURYGENERATION features the highest end luxury watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet. Also showcasing celebrities such as Floyd “Money” Mayweather and the Queen of England, this page will inspire followers to achieve great things with their luxury lifestyles posts.

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A post shared by DAILY DELUXE (@dailydeluxe)


@DAILYDELUXE features both personal and community luxury watch posts. A very active page with multiple posts a day, they showcase mostly Rolex watches but have a variety of other luxury watch brands as well. This page is perfect for someone trying to be a part of the watch enthusiast community. You will be able to see popular watches among collectors as well as be able to ask questions to community members in the comments section.

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A post shared by Giorgia Mondani (@giorgiamondani)


A member and author of Mondani books, Giorgia and her family are some of the foremost luxury watch experts in the world. Their books are some of the most comprehensive and renowned in the luxury watch industry. Her posts showcase beautiful and rare timepieces, you will not see anywhere else. In addition to great images of luxury watches, her page will also provide a wealth of information on specific watch brands, models, and mechanisms. A must follow for anyone trying to learn more about luxury watches, especially from a leading industry expert.

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A post shared by HOROLOGYMANIA (@horologymania)


A large worldwide watch community, and is the perfect place to keep up to date on the latest watch news. You can expect to see very rare watches, large collections, as well as learn a few things. This page is great for discussion of watch related subjects and even showcasing your own luxury watches to the world.

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A post shared by Practical Watch (@practicalwatch)


An interesting page that showcases watches, attainable to the average person. They specialize in beautiful watches with luxury looks, for affordable prices. On this page you won’t find any watches over $1500. The perfect page for the watch enthusiast on a budget, or anyone who appreciates a great value.

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A post shared by Wantedwatches-Wantedwatch (@wantedwatches)


Located in the heart of the fashion world, Italy, this page allows it’s followers to buy, sell, and trade high-end and luxury watches. They feature the finest luxury watches like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet. A must follow for watch sellers and buyers.

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A post shared by Father & Son Watches (@fatherandsonwatches)


The smallest page feature in this article, run by a father and son who love watches and horology. Here, you can find a beautiful showcase of a personal watch collection of a wide variety of brands. Although this page is relatively small, they have great content as well as a wholesome beginning (just a father and son sharing their passion). We are excited to see this page grow and develop over time.